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Electra Norte is a group of companies dedicated to generating, distributing and supplying electricity. In addition, Electra Norte provides technical services to third parties in the above activities and in the renewable energy area.

More than ninety five years of experience in the field combined with the flexibility of the company has allowed us to become an agile and innovative business, capable of adapting our services and developing customized services for our customers.



Our trajectory began in 1923, in the center of Asturias, as a small firm dedicated to supplying electricity. A decade later, we were already supplying energy to more than fifty communities in the municipalities of Siero and Bimenes. After overcoming the difficult crisis of the post-war, we set out to accomplish the ambitious task of establishing a modern electrical grid in the area. From that point forward, there was a huge increase in consumption and the investment policy was then shifted towards improving the electrical power lines. Thus, in 1985, the distribution firm adopted the business name that it still has today: Electra de Carbayín. In the 1970’s, we finished the deployment of the electrical network and during the 80’s and 90’s several renovations and improvements were undertaken.

At the end of the 1990’s, profound legal changes affected the Spanish electricity industry. The company was allowed to diversify into other business areas. As a result, Electra Norte was established with the goal of promoting and developing new projects in the fields of electricity generation and supply. The company has long been a pioneer in network connection of photovoltaic power plants together with the crowdfunding in this field , as well as the commercialization of green electricity and the promotion of small wind farms and other new sources of renewable energy.

Electra Norte is nowadays a diversified business group that sells energy, generates and distributes electricity and provides services to third parties, both in Spain and in other countries.

The companies that compose the Electra Norte group actively participate in different organizations and trade associations.

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